Your guarantee for good hatching results

DANKI is a company manufacturing and supplying the worldwide poultry producers with:

  • Incubators - capacities form 10 eggs to 121,000 eggs
  • Hatchery automation - complete lines from farm to chick delivery
  • Feeders and drinkers - for automatic or manual operation
  • Service and spare parts for Funki equipment - all models and types
  • Second hand hatchery equipment - various brands and capacities
  • Protection clothing - for safe production environment




DANKI - Your insurance for a profitable future!

DANKI belongs to the leading suppliers of poultry equipment. In our group of companies we can cover most needs and demands from the modern poultry producers and hatcheries.

All research and development are done in close co-operation with leading customers worldwide. The result is equipment that fits almost all requirements, - small or large!





DANKI was established



DANKI started supplying small incubators in the Scandinavian market



DANKI took over the Funki division for Small and Medium-Size Incubators + service and spare parts supply.



DANKI introduced the new line of Medium-Size Incubators.



Specifications and prices are subject to changes without further notice.